The technology of the 21th century? It’s in your hands.
A social game for adults

Many can build a brewery, but can you build that anywhere? Not in every case, except this one - whether it’s a restaurant, a pub, a house, or your firm’s unconventional lounge, you can build it everywhere. The design is also your choice - anyhow you construct the interior, it reflects on you, because:
Innobrew needs only 10-15 square meters, it fits well (thanks to (TYS™).
You can write new recipes, the capacity stays permanent (SWS™)
Fermentation and drafting run in the same machine (RTS™)
While the chef brews and controls the fermentation, InnoBrew adds up to one module - with uniting two operations, it uniforms the implements.
When it comes to InnoBrew, technology is an attraction. It’s good because it’s yours.