Innovation and tradition
Aim set, equipments developed

An effective production needs innovative equipments and adaptable technologies.
The leader of our developments is Sandor Kovács, mechanical engineer.

Sandor Kovács has a 44 year-old experience in technical development, he is an automation engineer.

He build his foundation, the Clonmatik in 1989, by which he automatized the micropropagation. He was the leader of Legrand Zrt., Noviki Kft., Szentesi Gépipar Vállalat, Frigolux Zrt., Hidroferr Plussz Kft., and now he is the leader of M-Qualita Kft. At M-Qualita he designes corrosion-proof steel tools and furnitures, and also controls the manufacturing for food- and commercial industries. His main profession is automatization and optimizing technological processes.

HUNGERIT Zrt. the technological system of fatcooking, transporter band, cauldron, food-industrial doors, collateral instruments, and meat-processing machines.
MASTERFOODS Kft. (Csongrád-Bokros) transporting pulleys, fermentors, hoopers
METALUCON Kft. common projects: beer equipments (ORJOL, Russia), portable water cleaner (Zenon Kft.), container water cleaner 70 m3
NORGREN MARTONAIR - pressure holder containers (10-20 liter)
AGROMETAL Kft. - beer, fermenter, maturing vessels
INTER – SÁBA Kft. - beer manufactures
TECHIMPEX SPOL S.R.O SK - brewery (250-10000 liter/day)
He designed and manufactured 107 brewing machines world-wide since 2006. You should check one of his main works: a brewery in an evangelical church in Sundyberg, Sweden.
What we are working on now Dumping filter tube - TIFI SYSTEM (TYS™). When it comes to technology, the main question is the place. By the dumping filter tube, you can reduce the floorspace. With its unique design, it can be optimal for any kind of inner aptitude. Commutable pseudo-bottom SWITCH SYSTEM (SWS™) . The commutable pseudo-bottom collects the malt from the bottom of the vessel, causing a better final product.